Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 36

The Awesome Finale

Having cleared the prison, the party ponders how to redeem the fallen herald of Iomedea, determining that atonement spells cast on him after his heart is returned to his chest, will bring him back from the darkside. Casting full buffs, then traveling via teleport pad to the herald’s chamber, finds him on a large floating metal disk above a tar lake. After taunting the party, the herald flame strikes them, and casts blade barrier to ward himself, dual wielding glaives in melee. The arcanist dispels the blade barrier, and casts a quickened fireball, which is boomeranged back at the party, who thankfully are warded with a protection from energy fire spell. The pally moves behind the herald, using burst of speed to get there without AoO, landing solid blows against him. Vlad goes invisible and moves to reinsert his heart in his chest, air walking above the tar and the metal disk surface, which is warded with all sorts of mystic symbols. Though invisible, the herald still senses his hearts presence, and blocks any attempt to reinsert it in his chest. The cleric attempts to hold person the herald, but it is likewise reflected back to the cleric, who has to save versus his own spell. Meanwhile, the tar becomes alive, and attacks Vlad, barely missing. The herald wails on the pally, missing with a few 1’s, but still hitting a number of times. The herald then surprises the party yet again, by getting another full round turn, having the mythic ability to go twice in one turn. He further whittles down the pally’s hit points. The arcanist attempts to slow the herald, but once again the spell is reflected back against him. The pally uses Iomedae’s scarf to swift heal himself, then further attacks the herald, now doing non-lethal damage. He knocks the herald unconscious, and Vlad inserts the heart, with the other three party members burning their Iomedea Attonements to redeem the herald.

With the saving of the herald, the entire complex shakes, and it is evident something big is coming. The party heals themselves and the unconscious herald, Thorn summons some celestial dire tigers, and the arcanist goes invisible, as they have a few rounds until all Hell breaks loose. Bathomet himself and four balor demons drop down on the metal disc from above, knocking the disc into the tar. Getting the drop on the party, no pun intended, Bathy takes a gratuitous shot at the arcanist with his ivory glaive, damaging him, then focusing on the pally, almost auto hitting him, brings him to within an inch of his life. Withstanding the fear effect of fighting a diety, and realizing they have no way to last another round with Bathy, the pally uses his Iomedea scarf to immediately plane shift all allies, including the herald, back home. As the party warps out, they see the same Asmodeus tattoo on Bathy’s head, as the cheliax agents had in their town. Putting two and two together, they come up with five, and realize that Batho must have been a prisoner of Asmodeus, and likely was a prisoner in this Asmo prison himself, until escaping and making it his own.

Though saved and redeemed, the herald is broken and can no longer serve as Iomedae’s squire. The pally steps forward and says “pick me !” and Io selects him, granting him numerous benefits.


One mythic trial achieved. Party at 7.3, cleric at 8.0.

Wrath Ep 36
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