Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 35

Using the teleport pads to transport to the last sub-warden, the 12 armed double headed woman, the party finds itself trapped within an adamantium cage. Unable to break out, hidden side passages reveal demons, and the party moves out of the side passage via Passwall. Flying over lava to get to the demons leads the pally to get telekinesed into the lava, taking quite a bit of damage. Flying out of the lava, he leads the charge into the demons, still taking damage from the lava stuck to him. The cleric follows with Stormbolts, stunning the demons, and Vlad hacks away. The demons are dispatched, but a projected image continues to cast spells at the party. the Image is dispelled by the Archanist, and secret doors are revealed, only in time to see the sub-warden teleport away. Following her with Find the Path, leads the party back to the entrance to the prison, and the gates are open, with evidently demons fleeing the prison.


200,000 xp per character, no loot.

Wrath Ep 35
benclark28 Drizzit

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