Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep. 34

It's not my vault

Using Find the Path to navigate the maze, the party discovers the vault area, but sees no vault. Casting True Seeing on the party members (and the balance of full buffs as well), reveals a passage leading to the vault. The vault contains four open chambers, each with a pedestal with a depression for holding something in front of it, a statue of bathomet, a tapestry with an ornate maze, a golden orb floating in an alcove, and three doors, red, gold and black. Entering the vault, the ghoul winks out of existence, as the entire area nullifies mythic power. The four open chambers contain a heart, a ball of twine, a large gem, and a large glaive. The party ascertains that the pedestal depressions held unholy water in the past, so add it to the pedestals. Then Vlad attempts to take the heart, only to be wisked off to a maze. Dispels are ineffectual by the party on the spell effects in the chamber. Eventually Vlad makes his way out of the maze spell via intelligence check. Then trying the unholy water with the golden orb in the same depression, the party realizes that that combination deactivates the wards on the opposite chamber. Using that formula, they liberate all four items. The heart is held in the chalice given the party by Iomedae, and Vlad burns his Atonement spell also given by Io, to suppress the evil effect of the heart. The pally then determines to investigate the doors. Opening the gold door, and making a will save, grants the pally full knowledge of every location in the maze prison, and how to get there. Trying the black door summons a minotaur, who is dazed by a fireball by the archanist, and carved up neatly by the pally and ranger. Being unwilling to risk the red door, the party retreats from the vault.


ball of twine, mundane
plus 4 glaive of speed (large size)
heart of herald
ioun stone, able to be modified to be any ioun stone in existence, once per day (pally)
plus one greataxe, large

Wrath Ep. 34
benclark28 Drizzit

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