Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 33

triple threat

Mythic resting for an hour to recover spent spells and abilities, the party warps into the lair of the hunters pet, a Linnorm. The gigantic creature is in a lake of acid, but thanks to buffs, the party wades in with impunity. As the party attacks the poison spewing serpentine worm, an enormous crystal ooze pops up from the acid lake, attacking from behind. Eventually dropping the dragon, the party turns its attention to the ooze that paralyzes the time stopping ghoul (twice!) and archanist as it hits, but the minotaur subwarden shows up. After mythic augmented magic missiles and weapon smashes to the immune to critical hits ooze, the pally moves in to the minotaur, preventing a possibly disastrous charge. Mythic augmented magic missiles and weapon strikes drop the minotaur, with the cleric having to heal the pally twice, once at the ooze, and once at the minotaur, to keep him up.

The lich also informs that the herald’s heart, which is needed for any attempt at saving him (vs. killing him), is in Bathy’s vault, hidden behind a tapestry somewhere in the ever changing complex. The party adds that to the to do list.


1 mythic trial, and 38400 xp awarded. Party at 7.2, cleric at 7.3. All at 16th level

Wrath Ep 33

And the loot…

Item Worth Claimed by
830,000 copper 8,300 party
124,000 silver 12,400 party
34,400 gold 34,400 party
2,150 plat 21,500 party
outfit of the dwarven king 3,500 Cleric
gem studded unicorn horn 6,000 party
Plus 4 mithral buckler Paladin
Plus 3 anarchic greataxe party
dagger of venom party
rapier of puncturing Ranger
Plus 2 disrupting warhammer party
Ring of Protection Plus 4 Archanist
Wand of Stoneskin 20 charges Archanist
Robe of Scintilating Colors Archanist
Rod of Security Cleric
Bracers of Might Ranger
Noose of terminal embrace 10,000 party
torc of heavens party
Plus 5 half plate party
Plus 5 Speed Battleaxe party
Belt of Mighty Constitution plus 6 party
Pauldrons of Unflinching Fort Plus 3 party

Wrath Ep 33
benclark28 Drizzit

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