Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 32

Buffs and Crits

The party tests out some spells, realizing summoning will work in the prison but not teleports, including spells like Getaway and Word of Recall. After a rest, the party buffs up as never before, casting over 15 different spells to ward the party. Taking off after the Queen of the Demondads, the party moves through some rooms to finally find the Queen and two flunkies torturing another demon/devil. The ranger moves in invisibly, tripping the two flunkies and killing one in the process. The paladin moves up and crits on the queen, taking her down and finishing off the flunkie on the floor. The tortured prisoner attacks, and is brought down by the party as well. Retrieving much loot, the party moves on to the next subwarden, the drow.

The drow had been scrying on the party, and was prepared for their arrival, surrounding them with minions. Going first, she popped out three spells, and the unholy aura of the shrine had a greater dispel magic effect on good creatures, dropping the pallys holy aura. The freedom of movement buff keeps the pally from being crushed by the crushing hand spell, and the party survives the first round of spells from the drow priestess. The archanist blasts out two scorching rays, dealing 125 damage to the drow, the cleric throws out Stormbolts hitting all baddies, and the pally flys up to the drow, landing two more crits with his now favorite dice of all time, and kills her. Moping up the minions, the party loots and finds Dawnflowers Kiss, returning the corrupted weapon to the ghost paladin of Saranae, who cleanses it and is then free to move on to the next life. As well, the party also finds a mythic artifact, and a tuning fork tuned to the prison, enabling plane shift back to the prison if they leave it.


xp now at 873,500, 16,500 xp away from level 16.

Drow priestess was mythic, but unsure if she counts as mythic trial.

Wrath Ep 32

Loots from queen of demondads:

plus 4 adamantine wounding warhammer
dimensional shackles (party)
24 1000 gp gems
5 diamonds worth 5000 each
Potion haste (pally)
Scrolls of Baleful Polymorph and Dismissal (archanist)
plus 3 hand crossbow
plus 4 bracers of armor (archanist)
Key ring with prison key, key is alive (party)

Wrath Ep 32

Loots from drow priestess:

Dawnflower’s Kiss, minor artifact, plus 4 holy flaming scimitar, better in the hands of a Saranae worshiper
500 gold
1000 gp unholy symbol
Planar tuning fork, attuned to the prison, enabling Plane Shift back to prison (party)
Elven chain
Belt of Physical Perfection plus 4 (Vlad)
Headband of Wisdom plus 6
ring of invisibility (Vlad)
plus 1 dancing glaive (Vlad)
Mythic Relic – Amulet of the Abyss

Wrath Ep 32
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