Mythic Madness

Wrath Episode 11

Continuing further into the dungeon, the party comes across three demons defending (guarding?) a dwarf. The dwarf goes invisible, and one demon attacks him. Rationalizing that if the demons want him dead, then the party wants him alive, the party switches to protecting him. Two more demons join in the melee, and a fully decked out evil dwarf, the brother of the first one, mythic badass, and commander of the citadel, joins in as well, summoning another demon. The party manages to defeat them all, with the dwarf still alive at the end of it all.

With the defeat of the commander, the remaining demons flee. The surviving dwarf tells of the forge in the keep, that has been corrupted and used to fabricate evil gear. The artifact, the Sword of Valor, still resides in the keep, protected by the final guardian, a shadow demon.


7,000 xp per character, welcome to level 8 !

56,175 xp total per character

Mythic Tier 3

Wrath Episode 11

Magic items…one of each.

No, seriously…

Wrath Episode 11

Righteous Medal of Clarity
14,136 gp
+1 returning throwing axe
Amulet Natural Armor +2
Belt Mighty Constitution +4
Headband Charisma +2
Adamantine Battleaxe
Armor of the Pious
Bag Holding Type 3

Wrath Episode 11

Righteous Medal of Clarity
14,136 gp
50 +1 arrows
Arrow Human Slaying
Pearl of Power Lvl 2 spell
Efficient Quiver
2 Javelins Lightning
19 +2 Magebane Arrows
Scroll Dimension Door
Scroll Move Earth

Wrath Episode 11

Righteous Medal of Clarity
14,136 gp
+1 spell storing ligh hammer
+3 spiked full plate
Scroll Divination
Oil of Life/Philosopher Stone
+1 flaming heavy crossbow

Wrath Episode 11

Righteous Medal of Clarity
14,136 gp
Amulet Natural Armor 1
+2 Elven Chain
+1 keen longsword
MW Comp Longbow Str
Elixir of Climbing
Potion Neutralize Poison
Wand Nondetection 23 ch

Wrath Episode 11
benclark28 Drizzit

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