Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 25

The chamber with the portal, and the adjacent mining area, collapse with the destruction of the portal. The party flees out of the area, into the Midnight Isles, dodging falling stone as they run. Plane Shifting back to the Prime Material, then using Find the Path and Wind Walk all via Thorn, they return to Drezzen, to swap out the bard for the archanist, who is researching his own mythic magical spells to trade places with party members as needed. Returning to the Midnight Isles, which has 16 hour days, half of which are slightly illuminated by a moon, the area is heavily evil and chaotic, with non evil and non chaotic taking minus two penalties each to wisdom, intelligence, and charisma ability checks. As well, chaotic, evil, darkness, and shadow spells are enhanced there. The owner of the Midnight Isles is Norkula, who the party has been sent to find and parlay with to prevent her alliance with the demons prosecuting the demonic invasion of the Prime. The trick will be to do something to get her attention.

The party finds itself about 100 miles from their goal, Porferee City, a city larger than any in the Prime, with 6.5 Million inhabitants, 4 M of the demonic types. Find the Path and Wind Walking there, the party makes their way to the city center and main plaza, only to be accosted by two gorilla demons, buck naked with no loot, but with maws in their chests, quickened spells, and grappling arms. The pally smites down one in one round, thanks to a well timed crit, and the ranger manages to trip the other, even thou it is large size. The remaining demon quicken casts hold person while prone, then stands up, grabs the ranger, and begins to eat him. The pally steps over and finishes off the demon, and heals/frees the ranger from his paralysis, all to a roaring crowd who appreciates the violence.

Playing to the crowd, the heads of the two demons are cut off, and kicked around as soccer balls. As well, the Instant Fortress is used in the city square, squishing a few demons as the 20 foot square by 30 foot tall adamantine fortress is deployed. Against all odds, that is enough of an affront to draw the attention of Shamria, the succubus in charge of the town. She arrives with 9 bodyguards, and demands the fortress be taken down. Thorn grovelingly agrees, and tells her that they are here to seek an audience with Norkula, and want to aid her with any tasks so as to gain her help in arranging a meeting. After some diplomacy, Shamria directs them to report to the Harem of Ardent Dreams the next day.

The party spends the night in a Rope Trick, then reports as ordered. Shamria agrees to put in a good word for them with Norkula, if they will agree to one thing: accept a boon from her, a profane plus four bonus on one ability score, which comes with a telepathic link between her and each party member. Though an evil action, the party agrees. The cleric is protected by his Beyond Morality mythic ability, and the pally by his amulet provided by the crusaders. The rest, who can say?

The events are enough to draw the attention or Norkula, who communicates telepathically (hey, wait a minute, is this Norkula or a trick by Shamria?!?) with the party, telling them to come to the Vault of Graves, and, if they are who she hopes they are, they will defeat the defenders there and get to meet her.


The party achieves a mythic trial by managing to draw the attention of Norkula. The party levels up to mythic level 5.2 (Thorn at 5.3) No loot, xp awarded is .

Wrath Ep 25

level 5.1 means mythic tier 5 achieved, with 1 extra trial also achieved. At mythic tier five, 3 trials equals progression to mythic tier 6, so, 5.3 would equal 6.0…capish?

Wrath Ep 25
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