Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 23

everything is coming up mythic...

The party is tasked by the queen with taking down the production area where the crystals are made that can turn monsters into mythic monstrosities. Turns out the facility in question is half in the prime plane, half in the Abyss. Arriving at the place, the party is offered a parley, and offered positions of honor w Bathomet if they switch sides, by none other than the paladin that formerly wielded Radiance, Yaniel. Declining, a big battle with two mythics and some demons ensues. Yaniel vanishes, as her image was an illusion. The cleric Commands most of the baddies to Halt, while the pally tears into a mythic large humanish person, the bard buffs, the witch sleeps, and the ranger takes out some demons. One of the mythics is an alchemist who drops bombs from above, doing massive damage, as the party manages to take out the miscellaneous demons and the human. The alchemist eventually flees, but not before destroying the crystal alchemical equipment.

The party locates what turns out to be the body of Yaniel, and the witch discerns that she is still alive, but in an enchantment of some sort, trapped between this plane and the next. the cleric uses mythic power to break the enchantment, freeing the paladin, and the pally heals her up, bringing her back to life. Once awake , she asks to touch Radiance one last time, and as she does, the sword realizes its full potential, becoming a Holy Avenger.

Meanwhile, the rest of the baddies in the facility mass up for a slaughter of the party…


Loot obtained:
4 plus 1 scimitars
Plus 3 unholy hammer
plus 3 full plate armor (worn by Yaniel)
plus 3 tower shield
bunch of alchemical brews.

Wrath Ep 23

7 vials unholy water
5 vials shadow essence poison
9 flasks liquid ice
9 flasks achemists fire
12 flasks acid
5 doses dust of dryness
2 doses acid consumption

Wrath Ep 23
benclark28 Drizzit

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