Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 21

Where'd the hot chick go?

The rescued demoness (succubus) , intent on redemption, leads the party to a citadel where an admixture is made, that converts monsters to mythic nightmares. The party hopes to disrupt that supply chain, preventing non-mythic monsters from becoming mythic threats. The demoness leads the party to an entrance concealed by illusion, and the party faces off against 4 minotaur half fiends. Besting them, the part drops two more that were asleep, and comes across a female that parleys with them. An obvious demon, with a dead crusader at her feet, the party listens to her offer of a wish reward if we kill her rival, but decides she must die. A protracted battle (after she drops the illusion of a hot chick for her true form, a claw wielding huge demon), with her mirror imaging herself, leads to her teleporting out to save her life, vowing revenge as she warps out. EDIT: retcon, pally ability prevents the teleport, enabling the party to kill her in place! A mythic trial achieved, the party heals up and loots the room, and prepares for the next challenge.


11,500 xp awarded, hello level 11! 160,975 xp total.
Mythic trial accomplished.
6 plus one glaives
600 gp mithral key
4500 gp in finery
6500 gp in jewelry
8000 gp papers on the demonic incursion
Rod of the Viper
Jailer dungeon ring
prisoner dungeon ring

Wrath Ep 21

Once at Mythic Tier 4, it takes three mythic trials to ascend to Tier 5. With the mythic trial accomplished in Ep. 21, the party is at Mythic Tier 4.2, with one more to go for Tier 5. Thorn, who had a bonus mythic trial with finding out he is spawn of Iomedae, is Mythic Tier 5.0

Wrath Ep 21
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