Mythic Madness

Wrath Ep 36
The Awesome Finale

Having cleared the prison, the party ponders how to redeem the fallen herald of Iomedea, determining that atonement spells cast on him after his heart is returned to his chest, will bring him back from the darkside. Casting full buffs, then traveling via teleport pad to the herald’s chamber, finds him on a large floating metal disk above a tar lake. After taunting the party, the herald flame strikes them, and casts blade barrier to ward himself, dual wielding glaives in melee. The arcanist dispels the blade barrier, and casts a quickened fireball, which is boomeranged back at the party, who thankfully are warded with a protection from energy fire spell. The pally moves behind the herald, using burst of speed to get there without AoO, landing solid blows against him. Vlad goes invisible and moves to reinsert his heart in his chest, air walking above the tar and the metal disk surface, which is warded with all sorts of mystic symbols. Though invisible, the herald still senses his hearts presence, and blocks any attempt to reinsert it in his chest. The cleric attempts to hold person the herald, but it is likewise reflected back to the cleric, who has to save versus his own spell. Meanwhile, the tar becomes alive, and attacks Vlad, barely missing. The herald wails on the pally, missing with a few 1’s, but still hitting a number of times. The herald then surprises the party yet again, by getting another full round turn, having the mythic ability to go twice in one turn. He further whittles down the pally’s hit points. The arcanist attempts to slow the herald, but once again the spell is reflected back against him. The pally uses Iomedae’s scarf to swift heal himself, then further attacks the herald, now doing non-lethal damage. He knocks the herald unconscious, and Vlad inserts the heart, with the other three party members burning their Iomedea Attonements to redeem the herald.

With the saving of the herald, the entire complex shakes, and it is evident something big is coming. The party heals themselves and the unconscious herald, Thorn summons some celestial dire tigers, and the arcanist goes invisible, as they have a few rounds until all Hell breaks loose. Bathomet himself and four balor demons drop down on the metal disc from above, knocking the disc into the tar. Getting the drop on the party, no pun intended, Bathy takes a gratuitous shot at the arcanist with his ivory glaive, damaging him, then focusing on the pally, almost auto hitting him, brings him to within an inch of his life. Withstanding the fear effect of fighting a diety, and realizing they have no way to last another round with Bathy, the pally uses his Iomedea scarf to immediately plane shift all allies, including the herald, back home. As the party warps out, they see the same Asmodeus tattoo on Bathy’s head, as the cheliax agents had in their town. Putting two and two together, they come up with five, and realize that Batho must have been a prisoner of Asmodeus, and likely was a prisoner in this Asmo prison himself, until escaping and making it his own.

Though saved and redeemed, the herald is broken and can no longer serve as Iomedae’s squire. The pally steps forward and says “pick me !” and Io selects him, granting him numerous benefits.

Wrath Ep 35

Using the teleport pads to transport to the last sub-warden, the 12 armed double headed woman, the party finds itself trapped within an adamantium cage. Unable to break out, hidden side passages reveal demons, and the party moves out of the side passage via Passwall. Flying over lava to get to the demons leads the pally to get telekinesed into the lava, taking quite a bit of damage. Flying out of the lava, he leads the charge into the demons, still taking damage from the lava stuck to him. The cleric follows with Stormbolts, stunning the demons, and Vlad hacks away. The demons are dispatched, but a projected image continues to cast spells at the party. the Image is dispelled by the Archanist, and secret doors are revealed, only in time to see the sub-warden teleport away. Following her with Find the Path, leads the party back to the entrance to the prison, and the gates are open, with evidently demons fleeing the prison.

Wrath Ep. 34
It's not my vault

Using Find the Path to navigate the maze, the party discovers the vault area, but sees no vault. Casting True Seeing on the party members (and the balance of full buffs as well), reveals a passage leading to the vault. The vault contains four open chambers, each with a pedestal with a depression for holding something in front of it, a statue of bathomet, a tapestry with an ornate maze, a golden orb floating in an alcove, and three doors, red, gold and black. Entering the vault, the ghoul winks out of existence, as the entire area nullifies mythic power. The four open chambers contain a heart, a ball of twine, a large gem, and a large glaive. The party ascertains that the pedestal depressions held unholy water in the past, so add it to the pedestals. Then Vlad attempts to take the heart, only to be wisked off to a maze. Dispels are ineffectual by the party on the spell effects in the chamber. Eventually Vlad makes his way out of the maze spell via intelligence check. Then trying the unholy water with the golden orb in the same depression, the party realizes that that combination deactivates the wards on the opposite chamber. Using that formula, they liberate all four items. The heart is held in the chalice given the party by Iomedae, and Vlad burns his Atonement spell also given by Io, to suppress the evil effect of the heart. The pally then determines to investigate the doors. Opening the gold door, and making a will save, grants the pally full knowledge of every location in the maze prison, and how to get there. Trying the black door summons a minotaur, who is dazed by a fireball by the archanist, and carved up neatly by the pally and ranger. Being unwilling to risk the red door, the party retreats from the vault.

Wrath Ep 33
triple threat

Mythic resting for an hour to recover spent spells and abilities, the party warps into the lair of the hunters pet, a Linnorm. The gigantic creature is in a lake of acid, but thanks to buffs, the party wades in with impunity. As the party attacks the poison spewing serpentine worm, an enormous crystal ooze pops up from the acid lake, attacking from behind. Eventually dropping the dragon, the party turns its attention to the ooze that paralyzes the time stopping ghoul (twice!) and archanist as it hits, but the minotaur subwarden shows up. After mythic augmented magic missiles and weapon smashes to the immune to critical hits ooze, the pally moves in to the minotaur, preventing a possibly disastrous charge. Mythic augmented magic missiles and weapon strikes drop the minotaur, with the cleric having to heal the pally twice, once at the ooze, and once at the minotaur, to keep him up.

The lich also informs that the herald’s heart, which is needed for any attempt at saving him (vs. killing him), is in Bathy’s vault, hidden behind a tapestry somewhere in the ever changing complex. The party adds that to the to do list.

Wrath Ep 32
Buffs and Crits

The party tests out some spells, realizing summoning will work in the prison but not teleports, including spells like Getaway and Word of Recall. After a rest, the party buffs up as never before, casting over 15 different spells to ward the party. Taking off after the Queen of the Demondads, the party moves through some rooms to finally find the Queen and two flunkies torturing another demon/devil. The ranger moves in invisibly, tripping the two flunkies and killing one in the process. The paladin moves up and crits on the queen, taking her down and finishing off the flunkie on the floor. The tortured prisoner attacks, and is brought down by the party as well. Retrieving much loot, the party moves on to the next subwarden, the drow.

The drow had been scrying on the party, and was prepared for their arrival, surrounding them with minions. Going first, she popped out three spells, and the unholy aura of the shrine had a greater dispel magic effect on good creatures, dropping the pallys holy aura. The freedom of movement buff keeps the pally from being crushed by the crushing hand spell, and the party survives the first round of spells from the drow priestess. The archanist blasts out two scorching rays, dealing 125 damage to the drow, the cleric throws out Stormbolts hitting all baddies, and the pally flys up to the drow, landing two more crits with his now favorite dice of all time, and kills her. Moping up the minions, the party loots and finds Dawnflowers Kiss, returning the corrupted weapon to the ghost paladin of Saranae, who cleanses it and is then free to move on to the next life. As well, the party also finds a mythic artifact, and a tuning fork tuned to the prison, enabling plane shift back to the prison if they leave it.

Wrath Ep 31
Naked and Affraid

Oranthog leaves the party at the gate to the prison, to be escorted in with two guards. Waiting until they are in a typical corridor, the invisible ranger hands the pally Radiance, and he proceeds to wail on the two guards. The ranger provides gear to the other two captives, who open up with spells, the cleric landing a Greater Command – Halt on the two guards. Effectively crowd controlled, they are hacked to pieces. The party takes a few minutes to reequip their gear.

Beginning a random search of the prison, the party after a few hours stumbles upon a ghostly hand beckoning them in a certain direction. Following the hand, and killing two guards, leads them to rescue a lvl 8 Halfling cleric/rogue of Iomedae. After checking her out with know alignment, true seeing, and sense motive, they trust her enough to listen to her story. Being present when the herald was captured, she provides some backstory, as well as describes torture by Bathomet of the herald, ripping the heart out of the herald.

The cleric also has heard of another prisoner, by the name of Alderposh. Having no other solid leads, the party uses Find the Path to find Alderposh after a few hours of labyrinth trekking. Being in a finely appointed large area with no guards, the party is suspicious that he is really a prisoner, but he has the air of a powerful archmage about him, and the party proceeds with caution. Recalling the name from historical accounts, it turns out that Alderposh is a 10,000 year old lich, an ancient Rune Lord, who is trapped in this room magically for failing to live up to his end of a bargain he made with Bathomat to become mythic.

Alderposh seeks an arrangement with the party, to release him in return for his help on their quest. Obviously no fan of Bathomet, the party agrees to seek his release, casting an Antimagic Field to open a window for him to Plane Shift out. However, that method is magically blocked to him. He posits that only if Bathomat is killed can he escape. He provides Intel to the party on the other denizens of the prison, in particular the fact that Iomedae’s herald has been turned by Bathy, and is now the warden of the prison, the Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth, who perhaps may be able to be saved via the Atonement spells Iomedae granted the party at the start of the adventure. Turns out there are 4 subwardens, that must be destroyed before assaulting the warden, or they will be summoned to assist him, resulting in certain death. The first subwarden is the King of the Demodands, in the torture chamber. The second is a drow priestess named Sevendork, in the shrine. The third is the Ivory Hunter, a minotaur antipaladin who is not currently in the prison, but must be summoned by killing his favorite pet, a serpentine dragon (who coincidentally has a lot of loot). The final subwarden is a meralith with 12 arms, who possesses the stolen heart of the herald.

Alderposh also provides info on the pentagrams used to navigate the labyrinth, via Use Magid Device, and that the Bathy statues that can heal bad guys and harm goodies if they touch them. He provides the location of all those noted, and provides some loot for the party, 19,000 gp worth of treasure, three scrolls to the Arcanist of ancient powerful spells, and a loan of one of his minions, a ghoul. Also, the party can rest in his location, but once they start killing wardens, resting may become difficult.

Setting off for some random prison action, the party kills guards and comes upon a ghost of a paladin of Saramea in a prison. She relates she can be freed by returning her scimitar, the Dawnflower’s Kiss, to her, and it now resides in the drow priestess’s hands. To aid them in their quest, she casts Death Ward at 15th level on the party, lasting the duration of the adventure.

Wrath Ep 30

The archmage greater teleports the party to the capital city. Masking their appearance with Veil and their alignment with Unknowable Alignment, the party wanders the city in search of Organthog. Eventually finding their way to the sector of the city where he is at, the party bribes two guards to obtain an audience.

O is sympathetic to the party’s position, but does not want to overtly take sides against Bathomet. He proposes to take the party captive, and transport them to the prison, enabling them to get in without having to defeat the Father of Worms. A Sense Motive check reveals O is playing a double game…possibly helping the party but also helping himself, by claiming to Bathy that he captured and delivered the party, who now have a bit of a reputation going amounst the demons.

Seeing O determined to take them captive, even if it meant coming to blows, the party agrees to his proposal, with the ranger following along invisibly with everyone’s gear in tow. They enter the spooky prison, and make their move before being locked up in cells.

Wrath Ep 29
bad to the bone

The party is summoned to Iomedae herself in Heaven, to answer questions. Successfully answering three rounds of questions, the party receives boons and much xp from IOmeda, and is tasked with recovering or avenging the kidnapped herald. The boons consist of one shot attonements for each character, The Chalice of Ozem, a chalice that can hold the blood of the lord of the flies needed to dissolve locks in Bath omet’s prison, and The Stole of the Inheritor, a stole that goes around the shoulders – the pally takes the two artifacty things, the stole granting him DR 5 (good), a quickened heal once per day, hold word one per day, a plus 2 sacred bonus to saves, an immediate action Plane Shift that will return the stole to Iomedae, and always on Detect Evil and Detect Chaos. Also, the party are presented with bronze holy symbols of IO, which can port them to the Ivory Laberinth.

Knowledge checks reveal details about the plane in question, as well as the fact that certain keepers of the rules may not be happy with the kidnapping of the herald. Orengfta is one such keeper, and the party will seek him out in Blackburg, the capital city of the plane. The plane is chaotic and evil aligned, good spells being impeded. Survival or Knowledge Planes will help with navigating the plane, and greater teleport will work if you’ve seen the location you are teleporting to. The other major city is Echostal. The whole plane is a maze. Bathy had once been imprisoned in a maze, and when he escaped, he took part of the prison, called the Breathless Fountain, with him, building his plane around it. Evidently that old prison is where he keeps his most important prisoners.

Porting to the abyssal plane, the party arrives in a large chamber made of bones, and is beset upon by three demons and a marilith…the party defeats them all (except the one that escaped), claiming some loot in the process. Evidently entry to the plane is regulated into only certain entrances, which are guarded. There will be no sneaking in and out between planes here.

Wrath Ep 28

Teleporting back to the barge for a rest, the party recharges then teleports back to the mine (after having hidden the dragon’s corps via illusion). Flying down the pit in the center of the chamber, the party encounters two enhanced tieflings on guard duty, and manages to dispatch them before they can raise an alarm. Seeing another shaft and platform mechanism, the party is about to fly up that shaft when they hear moaning from below the platform. Investigating, they find a chilaxian human archer named Jacques, trapped and tortured, rescuing him, and he pledges to aid the party in their quest. Flying up the newly discovered shaft, the party finds an alcove with a bag of holding containing much loot, and an area with many doors leading from it. The pally picking one, the party takes out four guards, and discovers a secret door. Searching for traps, a glyph trap is discovered, and the arcanist manages to erase the glyph, deactivating the (165 hp damaging) trap. Opening the door, the party finds the big bad, a large evil outsider cleric. Casting Harm on the pally to open things up, the party swarms in, bringing down the cleric with a few 100 plus damaging hits. However, the corpse explodes, leading to a manifestation of Bath-o-met appearing to destroy the party (whoops, that was his daughter we just killed). Nokula appears, and forces Bathy to retreat off of her plane, but not before he brags that he had captured the herald of Iomedae, and will kill all those related and dear to the party. Collecting their loot, the party accepts Nokula’s plane shift back to their home, completing their excursion into the Midnight Isles.

Wrath Ep 27

Protected by Life Bubble and moving via Wind Walk, the party moves up the river. Finding a barge stuck in a mud bank, the party swoops in and takes out five bodaks and a formerly human now antipaladin undead, with the gunslinger popping a hit for over 200 hp! Reanimating the defeated undead with Skeleton Crew, the party gets the barge off the mud bank, and drops anchor in a lake area, intending to use the barge as a fall back retreat if needed.

Moving past numerous minor demons and a lock and dam area on the river, the party sees a huge dragon flying in their direction. Relieved they don’t have to fight it, they are contacted by a foul sewage demon, who wants their help to eradicate the miners from her mountain. The party agrees, but unfortunately, the first thing they have to do is defeat the dragon, who is the doorman for the mining area. A good knowledge check by the Archanist identifies the beast as an Umbral Dragon, and enables the party to prepare, casting Death Ward on each to prevent energy drain, and Remove Fear to help with the draconic fear effects.

Using Daylight to counteract magical darkness, the party enters the main cavern, only to discover 2 dragons! Eventually, they realize one is a figment. Fighting the dragon, and withstanding its energy drain breath weapon, they eventually cause it to flee via teleport. Using True Seeing to find the dragon hoard, the party is licking their chops at all the phat loot, only to have the dragon pop back in for more! Now healed up, the dragon blows a negative energy breath weapon that drops the archanist via strength drain, and once again appears as two dragons. This time the cleric is able to get a Dimensional Anchor spell on the dragon, and it is defeated. The sewage queen/demon provides a boon to the party, a pair of gloves, as a little reward for their work in clearing out the dragon.


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